After the success of the collection “Dandelion Stone Casa” launched in 2012 we’re proud to present a new collection of five completely new tile designs by the Scandinavian architectural practice Claesson Koivisto Rune:

Moonrise is a hexagonal tile with two corners connected by a sector of a circle. Many, completely different, floor patterns are possible by how the Moonrise tile is laid: net, fish scales, braids, dots and spread or random dots (when complemented with monochrome tiles).

The Lily pattern is leaf-reminiscent. But subtly so, because the idea is as much about geometry as it is about nature. Like when knitting yarn, waves, star- and diagonal grids are possible, depending on how the design is laid.

The Bow tile comes in three versions: Bow A, Bow B and Bow C. The possible pattern variations are virtually endless when the tiles are used together. Bow A with B creates a double-layered pattern. Bow C creates a rippling grid. And that’s just two examples.

The square-shaped Orchard tile contains a pattern inspired by the first fallen autumn leaves on the ground. However, if other colours than natural greens, yellows or reds are used, the pattern becomes more abstract again. The way the leaves are placed within the square, and if the tiles are randomly orientated when laid, the pattern loses it’s sense of repetition and becomes random – like nature.

The Kimono tile is hexagonal and divided into strips or lines of colour. The patterns that are possible to create are astonishingly different in character. Cross-knit, band-woven, strictly diagonal or subtly rippled, to name just a few. Many of these effects are reminiscent of traditional Japanese printed or woven patterns.

New pattern

”In their new patterns Claesson Koivisto Rune have combined a modern approach to design with a traditional material and an old artisanal production process, thereby  adding a completely novel dimension to the tradition of Moroccan cement tiles.”

Inga-Lill and PA Ovin, Founders Marrakech Design.

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